Sunday, May 13, 2012

why all of the romania reminiscing lately?

well.. why not? it was a great trip and I've never shared the photos before. and that place deserves the recognition.

but also because, in August I will be going again! it is official. I will be travelling with friends Brooke and Christy, and we'll be in that same hospital, working with the same amazing ladies, and holding some of the world's most precious babies.

this is a trip I've been longing for. I think, for about a year. so now that we are in the official planning stages it doesn't seem real. but it does at the same time. because now, we actually have to pay for things, ha.

I have a few things I thought I'd ask for prayer for..
initially, Brooke found a great price for tickets (the girl is so productive and on top of things, praise the Lord) but the rest of us weren't quite ready to take the plunge. when we finally committed, the price randomly went up a bit. so if you could all be praying for the price to go back down, we would be so grateful.

there's this looming question over my head.. of whether to be super cautious or just trust God. since, when we came home last time, my aunt was sick. my first reaction is to trust God. so let it be known, I'm going to Romania. but I'd still like prayer for health and protection before, during, and after. and for all of us.

that said, I'd also like to find a nice, reputable place to get the meningitis vaccine because I've never had it before. and I don't know anything about doctors and hospitals down here and finding a new one always makes me a little nervous. so prayer for direction in that area would be greatly appreciated too!

also, funds. we're trying very hard to save for a few important things this year (this being one of them, and also Chad currently joining the union) so continued prayer for our finances is on the list.

I'm going to be adding this button to the side of my blog for a bit.. please do not feel obligated. just pray for us and then if you feel God is leading you in the direction to help with funds, you can click on the button and it will take you to a paypal page with instructions on what to do (it's through my shop's paypal account, so you'll see Southwood Drive at the top.. just so you're not confused, that's the right page)! easy peasy.

thank you all so much.. for being a part of this journey. thank you for the prayer and if you had helped with the first trip, or have decided to help with this one, I am forever grateful for your generous hearts. those two things (praying and giving), are just as important as me actually getting the opportunity to be there. you're a big deal in my book.

happy mother's day again to all the mommas!


emcbrown said...

so excited for you to be able to go back to Romania. so thankful that you are walking out the calling to be His hands and feet to those that are hurting. we will be praying God's very best for you (and your sweet hubs). love you lady!

alison + chad said...

thank you, love you, you guys are so great! so glad we're friends. (: