Friday, May 11, 2012

the journey to five hundred necklaces.

this weekend, we celebrate mother's day (I have a great one by the way. she has given me a gift of such compassion. hi mom.)

two great ones, really. hi lisamom (she shares with me so much of her wisdom and teaching). love you both so much.

but this weekend, for the past few years, has also marked a big weekend for the Freedom Center, our home church in Michigan. they have been putting on this amazing women's conference, where hundreds of women from the surrounding areas are blessed, empowered, and sent home with a greater sense of self worth and love of the Father.

I have been involved a few times in the past years, and this year they asked me to be a part of it even though I'm twenty hours away! what an honor.

each year, the women attending receive a gift. and this time, they wanted it to be a hand made gift but also something that would raise money for an outside ministry. so thankful (not lucky) me, my shop already donates to Firm Foundations, and they wanted each woman to be able to take home a necklace.

you might remember me quickly sneaking this photo in a wednesday without words post..

maybe you don't. but that was one of the beginning stages. and I didn't want to ruin the surprise so I just posted the photo. Chad has been my amazing financial coordinator through all of this, since "I just wanted to do it and didn't care how much it would cost!" which was a lot. because it was 500 necklaces. the first thing Faye texted me after my quick yes answer was, 'you know that it would mean 500 of them?!?!" yeah, I knew. I was just really excited about it. thanks, Faye and Miss Dena, for thinking of me and asking me to do this.

five hundred. I am a crazy person.

but I really loved every minute of it. I love using my hands for work like this. and knowing that I would be able to give a pretty big chunk of change to my friends in Romania made it so worth it. what in the world will I do with my time now? (: (I know, I know.. "get a job, ali!" okay, fine.)

so ladies in Michigan, I hope you enjoyed the conference and I hope your life was forever changed for the better. Jesus will do things like that at these kind of events. I pray you left full. and I hope you love the necklace. maybe you don't. that is okay too. (: really, it is.

{believe it or not, there are five hundred of those little nests in that jar right there}

thanks for reading my journey to five hundres necklaces. to the few of you that knew it was happening, thank you for the encouragement along the way (thank you, Tina, for using your crafty hands to help once in a while too!). and happy mother's day to all of the mothers out there. you're a blessing. if you're technically not a mother, I'm sure you have acted as one to someone in some way, and that will be passed down generations just like it is with moms. so you're a blessing as well, and deserve a great day too.

even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she can have her young-a place near your altar, Lord Almighty, my King and my God. psalm 84:3.

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karen said...

Oh this is so amazing!

alison + chad said...

thank you. (:

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a wonderful thing this is. Alison, you never cease to amaze me. What a great honor to have been asked. I, too, have received blessings from this same Mother's Day function in the past. I love you and hope it was a big success. Love, Gram

alison + chad said...

thank, gram. (: