Saturday, May 07, 2016

for Joe.

we are sad to be so far away today, but it is such a comfort to hear about that big room so full just for him and to read words like "beyond description" and "irreplaceable" written all over social media. he would love that.

I've been thinking about the time we stayed with him in Tennessee a couple of years ago. he had moved to the half way point where we would usually stop on our way to and from Michigan. he was so excited we took him up on the offer to stay there (he even posted to Facebook when we arrived) and had gone to the store to get some food for us. it was a short stay, mostly just to sleep, so we watched a couple of epsiodes of The Office with him and reminisced and went to bed. I remember he made sure to have cookies for me (of which he had already opened, ha) and ice cream in his freezer because he wasn't sure what I would want to eat since I was pregnant. heart of gold, that guy.

this is a really old photo from one of the times I did his hair. we always had fun at the salon, ha. we'll miss you, Joe. ❤️

if you feel led, consider donating to help cover his funeral expenses and please continue to pray for this amazing family. you can donate here: