Saturday, May 26, 2012

lisamom on joy and why battles are FUN.

lisamom has some things to say about joy today and I believe you're really going to enjoy it. just in case you don't know who she is, lisamom is chad's mom. I feel like the term 'mother-in-law' is kind of icky for some reason. I think the world has tainted it for me in my head or something. so she's lisamom. because she is like another mom to me anyway. why not have another? she's known for being called momma t by many of the women at her church, so you can see that she is pretty incredible and loved. which makes me one blessed lady.

she is the queen of seeing fun in everything. I've watched her help many people, including myself, through struggles that make a person feel hopeless and she smiles through it all. she's known for asking, 'isn't this fun?!' right after she's seen someone cry their eyes out and tell her what they're going through (am I right , ladies??). I'm pretty sure they just look at her like she is a crazy person at first. but at this point it's almost a comfort to me. because I know she can see and truly believes that I will be victorious in the end. and if she can see it, you just take her word for it, trust me. so I just laugh a little and say 'I guess so..'

so now you can get a little, but great, glimpse of the fun that is happening in her heart and mind.

Consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds! James 1:2
For some reason that may or may not be your favorite scripture but when you consider how much God loves us, we can find a deeper joy when we are in the middle of all kinds of battles. Now that's fun!
It's not about being happy. I think people get the two mixed up. Happiness is fleeting but joy is deep in our beings. True joy comes from Love, knowing that no matter what, our Lord will never leave us which brings us strength! Holy spirit loves to help us through every circumstance and tapping into that Love brings an everlasting Joy! Now that is Fun!

I love the distinction she makes. joy and happiness are two different things! that was a good reminder. and sort of a relief, ha. thank you, lisamom. love you.
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karen said...

Thanks, lisamom. We all need this reminder.

margie said...

so good, so true! thanks lisa and ali.

Judy Goff said...

Lots of love to Lisamom from her other mother, Judy. This is a great message and I enjoyed it a lot. You certainly can write. xoxo