Friday, December 19, 2014

looking forward.

what an interesting week. let's move on, shall we? at least I have something nice too look at. (: in the next couple of days, we'll be on our way to Michigan to spend lots of time with family. I think I'm most excited that Chad has two weeks off. here's to a great two weeks.

if you think of it, would you be so kind to say a prayer for our travels? we're driving, so this will be the longest trip she's made in the car. Tennessee wasn't so bad, so we're hopeful.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

seven months.

a couple of weeks late, but I want to write to remember this age. and all ages.

I love that I am her safety.

when she's upset and I pick her up, or if she's around other people, she pushes her legs against my stomach and grabs my shoulders, pulling herself up as close as she can in the crook of my neck (usually biting my shoulder (; ). and I keep thinking about the moment we connected on the outside. as I pulled her up on my chest for the first time. and it was like she couldn't get close enough. brand new in this world and instantly I was her safety. instead of scooting down to nurse like I heard babies might do, she just kept getting closer and closer to my neck only to rest there, after what I can imagine was probably a little traumatic. I love this girl. I would do that day all over again for her. just for that moment. but I love that for now, even still, she finds comfort in that spot. in me. that I am mama and I am safe.


Tuesday, December 02, 2014

teeth. not tooth.

photos c/o Trevor Mark Photography. celebrating six months of Norah. you can visit his site to see more!

that guy's smile, am I right? I'm a lucky gal.

pray for our sweet babe. what I thought was her first tooth, was actually four teeth. she's a trooper and still such a joy, but I feel so bad when I can tell she's feeling it. I guess it's nice to get it over with faster? yeah, I'll just look at it like that and keep cuddling her up for as long as she needs.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

getting creative.

many of you might remember my little Etsy shop I had a while back. it's been "on vacation" for a bit, for obvious reasons. but I've recently felt the itch to be creative again. maybe I'm finally getting the hang of being a mom and an Ali at the same time (probably not). I'm a work in progress. (; anyway, I've been putting together some things with all of my leftover materials and have decided to sell it all!

being an artist is such a vulnerable thing and comes with many insecurities. if you let it, it can be really fulfilling as well. but the creative burst seemed to "come out of nowhere" and I just felt like I needed to do something with all of my leftover material. so when I had some visions of what I could do with it all, my hands got to work at any small break I had during the day. or late at night, ha.

so Southwood Drive is in the coming again soon stages and I hope you'll like what you see. I will open the shop Friday morning. keep an eye out for a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and maybe a drawing for free shipping on top of that. perfect timing for Christmas gifts for the lovely ladies in your life. everything must go!

here's just a few things that will be up for sale. happy tuesday!