Tuesday, November 25, 2014

getting creative.

many of you might remember my little Etsy shop I had a while back. it's been "on vacation" for a bit, for obvious reasons. but I've recently felt the itch to be creative again. maybe I'm finally getting the hang of being a mom and an Ali at the same time (probably not). I'm a work in progress. (; anyway, I've been putting together some things with all of my leftover materials and have decided to sell it all!

being an artist is such a vulnerable thing and comes with many insecurities. if you let it, it can be really fulfilling as well. but the creative burst seemed to "come out of nowhere" and I just felt like I needed to do something with all of my leftover material. so when I had some visions of what I could do with it all, my hands got to work at any small break I had during the day. or late at night, ha.

so Southwood Drive is in the coming again soon stages and I hope you'll like what you see. I will open the shop Friday morning. keep an eye out for a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and maybe a drawing for free shipping on top of that. perfect timing for Christmas gifts for the lovely ladies in your life. everything must go!

here's just a few things that will be up for sale. happy tuesday!


Thursday, November 06, 2014

six months.

yesterday marked six months of Norah's life. I willingly left her in her crib all night for the first time. She was probably ready a while ago, but if I'm being completely honest, it made me too anxious and she slept fine in our room and what's the point of rushing that. Now I'm less anxious and I just felt like we were ready (and also, she's getting too long for her rock-and-play). 

I've been a mom for six months! and doing so over one thousand miles from family. I just felt like I needed a part or something. so I took her shopping for a new teether. I know she doesn't know any different, but I think half a year is worth celebrating. I also bought myself some dark chocolate, so there's my party I guess. I know. I'm so fancy.

truth is, though, that every mom with a child at any age is worth celebrating. I'm not special because we don't have family close. but please, I beg of you, don't take that for granted, people. facetime is incredible, but real facetime, you can't compare.

I just really felt like I should soak up the day yesterday; this week even. all of the moments.

I'll be honest again and say it's not easy and it's lonely and maybe those aren't the moments I think I want to soak up sometimes. but I'll be glad I did and I'm so  grateful to have this little beauty to do life with us and that I'm the one she'll call mama. that alone is really so special and worth celebrating everyday.

she really is one of the happiest babies and that makes me feel like I'm doing at least some things right.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

five months.

in the last couple of months, we've all been on a work trip to San Francisco (had her first belly laugh on that mountain you see below and Chad's dad just happened to be taking our photo. the wind just struck her funny. dreamiest moment.), a family visit in Michigan, and a quick trip to Nashville. Norah is a great traveler. I do hope that sticks because as long as we live here, we'll have a lot of traveling to do.

our girl is five months old. she's already changed so much from these photos. we haven't been to the doctor since her four month wellness check and we don't own a scale, so I'm guessing she has doubled her birth weight. she was almost there at the last check up anyway. as much as her rolls are taking over, she still has dainty feet. I especially love her hand dimples right now. she thinks everything she sees is supposed to be in her mouth, but still no little tooth sightings. she stared sitting up this week and rolled over for the first time last night! three times in a row. and my darling sleeper started sleeping a little bit less at night. a sign for those teeth coming, I'm sure. she's been a drool bucket since about two months, so we've been wondering when they will come for a while now.

so I'm tired, but she is doing just great. (: she loves 'talking' to us and is showing that towards others now too, only using a cute, quiet voice until she warms up. and her favorite spot to nap is in our arms or our bed. I know, 'that will come back to bite me', or whatever. I'm willing to risk it. she's only this size for today. but she's the sweetest. and teaching me more and more about grace and unconditional love everyday. I have big things to learn from this little one.

oh and our fuzzy little bird is back. her dark newborn hair has gradually fallen out, which made my heart a bit sad seeing her get so big, but she's got this blonde fuzz happening, more and more each day, it seems. just one more thing to add to the list of reasons she looks like her dad. (: I can't wait to see if she's got our curls. but let's be honest, she's surrounded by them. we'll be shocked if it's really straight.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to update more often. I just want to soak up every moment without too many distractions.

Friday, September 05, 2014

four months.

four months of life on the outside today.

here's how it went:
four month wellness check up in the morning. girl is going for gold (fifteen pounds!). we stopped for coffee because.. coffee. and I guess, because neither of us grown ups slept well. she and I went to target while Chad worked in the shed. once we got back home she nursed and fell asleep. she woke from an unusually long nap with the saddest little baby cough and a stuffy little nose. but the happiest of grins. we're sitting on the porch now, while it storms somewhere nearby. she loves the breeze. (which, I meeean, hallelujah for that in late Louisiana summer, am I right??)

my head doesn't like it and my heart finds it sad, but I know there is protection from someone greater.

thank you, Jesus, for healing little bodies and for giving bigger ones just what is needed for the little ones to prosper. 

happy four months, our little Norah Jane. you are the sweetest.