Saturday, May 05, 2012

jazz fest anniversary.

for our second anniversary (which was Monday, by the way. yay!), Chad bought us day passes for Jazz Fest on Thursday. Jazz Fest is in full swing  every weekend for a few weeks but he decided on Thursday because Florence + the Machine were going to be there! it was a very hot and sweaty day, full of lots of walking, new foods, and some really delicious iced tea, but we were so grateful for these intimidating rain clouds that kept hovering but never let out any water. they were a nice break from the sun. Florence is very fun to see live. she is so soft spoken and sweet but the noise that comes out of her mouth when she sings is larger than life. such a whimsical show. the photos on her albums do her absolutely no justice. she was so beautiful and lovely and weird and I loved it so much.
we were pretty far away, but we're not really front row concert people anyway, so it was nice to not be elbow-to-elbow with lots of other sweaty people. (: and we could see her on the screen just fine. that said, I don't have a photo of her loveliness that day (here is one from someone up close), but I can show you how far we were, ha.

 have a great weekend.

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