Tuesday, March 24, 2015

nine and ten months and more kind strangers.


I have missed months nine and ten by a long shot. so as eleven nears, I thought I'd throw a few photos out there and tell you this girl is crawling all over the house, standing once in a while on her own until she realizes she's not holding on to anything, and saying words I didn't think I'd hear until well after she turns one. she's real busy.

today I went grocery shopping. I made trips to two stores to get the best foods for this bird. because it's never as easy as getting everything you need at one place. I wasn't upset about that, but as everyone knows, it's not ever a quick trip to grocery shop with kids. but I had no other agenda so I just tried to take my time and not stress as she started to get a little fussy at our first stop (she fell asleep before the next one so all was well). when I got the the register at my last stop, I realized I forgot my wallet in the car, so I had to run out and get it. the cashier was great, and it wasn't an issue, but hello, Norah was napping and I was losing my hands free window. (; anyway, I was loading everything into that car and someone parking next to me said, "it's hard work grocery shopping with a baby!" you're so right sir. thank you for noticing.

he didn't stop there though. he kept talking as he got out of his car, and I thought he was either going to be a little bit weird or he was trying to encourage me. and then I saw his shirt. it said something about prayer 24/7. I've encountered people like this. some are genuine. others feel like they're supposed to say something profound, reciting a script and I walk away a little annoyed (just being honest here, sorry). he and his wife have five kids and he said she likes to grocery shop alone. he said a couple of things I hear often, like we need more full time moms because it's good for the kids and it's the hardest and least paid job there is. and he said he notices how hard it is for her and how much she works and, "so I just commend you", as he walked away. 

I could have walked away annoyed, assuming he was reciting a script. but today it gave me the fuel I needed to get home and get all of the groceries in and shove some lunch in my mouth as I wrangle my super curious and brave babe. and get through the long day. and blog. blog? what is that? I know this was God encouraging me through another stranger. they're not all bad. (;

it was just a good reminder to notice. notice the mom with the baby in an ergo, pushing her cart with one hand. I now know how hard that is. and notice the brand new mom with a sad baby in a corner probably just wanting out of the house for a minute but sort of regretting it. I now know how hard that is. notice the moms. notice the dads. notice the people. little things we might not acknowledge, but should. and then we should commend them because we know. and we get it. and sometimes they need to know someone else gets it. 

I know this stuff has been said online a lot lately. this isn't some new revelation and there is a great movement of women I see online trying to make sure moms know what they do is hard and worth it and so important, no matter what it looks like. and I know sometimes even people without kids have hard days and barely make it to the store. this has all been said before. I was just encouraged and hoping this will meet the right pair of eyes tonight.

I notice. and I commend you.