Thursday, October 16, 2014

five months.

in the last couple of months, we've all been on a work trip to San Francisco (had her first belly laugh on that mountain you see below and Chad's dad just happened to be taking our photo. the wind just struck her funny. dreamiest moment.), a family visit in Michigan, and a quick trip to Nashville. Norah is a great traveler. I do hope that sticks because as long as we live here, we'll have a lot of traveling to do.

our girl is five months old. she's already changed so much from these photos. we haven't been to the doctor since her four month wellness check and we don't own a scale, so I'm guessing she has doubled her birth weight. she was almost there at the last check up anyway. as much as her rolls are taking over, she still has dainty feet. I especially love her hand dimples right now. she thinks everything she sees is supposed to be in her mouth, but still no little tooth sightings. she stared sitting up this week and rolled over for the first time last night! three times in a row. and my darling sleeper started sleeping a little bit less at night. a sign for those teeth coming, I'm sure. she's been a drool bucket since about two months, so we've been wondering when they will come for a while now.

so I'm tired, but she is doing just great. (: she loves 'talking' to us and is showing that towards others now too, only using a cute, quiet voice until she warms up. and her favorite spot to nap is in our arms or our bed. I know, 'that will come back to bite me', or whatever. I'm willing to risk it. she's only this size for today. but she's the sweetest. and teaching me more and more about grace and unconditional love everyday. I have big things to learn from this little one.

oh and our fuzzy little bird is back. her dark newborn hair has gradually fallen out, which made my heart a bit sad seeing her get so big, but she's got this blonde fuzz happening, more and more each day, it seems. just one more thing to add to the list of reasons she looks like her dad. (: I can't wait to see if she's got our curls. but let's be honest, she's surrounded by them. we'll be shocked if it's really straight.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to update more often. I just want to soak up every moment without too many distractions.