Sunday, May 11, 2014

for the mommas.

from a brand new one to all the rest out there, you're incredible. I hope you were kind to yourself today and took time to rest in the beauty of what it is you get to do as a mom. it is a real gift, whether a birth mother or not, and you are the perfect one for it.

thank you to all of the parents in our lives who have taught us in your own special ways. especially the four that have shown us the most love and taught us the most valuable things while raising us in the best of homes. our parents are a big part of the reason we are living this life and our moms are two of the greatest.

and thank you for all of the kindness and congratulations you have been sending our way. Norah is a true joy. she is already way too good to us and we are enjoying this beautiful, sleepy, head-in-the-clouds time at home with her so much.

our fuzzy little bird.. I think you're really going to like her.

love.. so much love.