Thursday, May 24, 2012

okay. don't judge me..

today I saw a preview for a show I've watched many times before and it led me to watching old videos and reminiscing my dancing days. maybe some of you have seen it; So You Think You Can Dance? don't judge me. once a dancer, always a dancer, alright?

[this doesn't really have much to do with the fruit of the spirit series. maybe it does, I don't know. dance did bring me many moments of joy. anyway.]

last year I was pretty busy with both jobs and getting ready to move across the country so I wasn't really planning on watching the show. that is until I saw the powerhouse that is melanie moore. and this dance you'll see in a second. it was obvious from her first performance that she would go pretty far on the show. the first time you saw her on stage was breathtaking. normally you see the talent improve, but it almost seemed like she didn't need to. for a minute I felt like it would be pointless to watch the entire show because there was no way someone could compete with her. but I decided to keep watching when I could because she was inspiring and so beautiful to watch. and then she won.

so I just thought I would share this video. and keep watching her other performances, it will prove to be a good day. (okay, if you're into watching dance. if not, well that's too bad.) seriously though, she's adorable. and just look at those massive leg muscles. yeesh.

have a good one. choose joy! and think about watching the show that starts tonight. I won't because we don't have cable. but maybe I'll think about catching up on hulu tomorrow. maybe. (:

okay and maybe, just make sure you watch this one too, because it was one of my favorites and super cute and all that girly stuff I don't like to admit. (;


Gram said...

He's not so shabby either. That brought me a lot of joy. They are two beautiful people. My great joy is hearing from Ali on this her joyful site. Love ya Ali and Chad.

alison + chad said...

yeah, he was one of my favorites too. love you too, Gram.