Wednesday, July 10, 2013


[this photo has nothing to do with the following post, I just thought it was a good one. (: took my first yoga class with a couple friends and it was soo nice. I went again the next week. I added a little filter-love here, but the real credit goes to this lovely lady.]

ever have that dream where you're back in high school and it always seems to not go right and be a bit stressful. yes, that was me this morning. and also, ew.

whenever I have that dream (not so often, but it has happened multiple times. at least I feel like it has), I always seem to have forgotten about my math class. I get really stressed that I haven't attended the class in forever and I have all of this homework I didn't even start, but when I finally go to said math class, it's like my teacher never noticed. I'm not in trouble and my grade hasn't suffered at all. and then I'm a little bit stressed about that whole situation because it doesn't make any sense.

every. single. time I dream about high school, I've forgotten about my math class. and I don't understand.

later, the song 'Ugly Day' by Five Iron Frenzy was stuck in my head. which is very random; I can't remember the last time I listened to that band. but it did take me back to the high school days again, when Chad introduced me to the song. one minute I'm dancing in my head and the next I'm being super grateful I'm still with Chad and even more grateful the high school days are behind me. (I'm most thankful for Chad, I just wanted to accentuate the fact that I love not being in high school anymore.) (;

why, after not writing for so long, am I writing about this? I dont know.

I haven't felt like I had anything to write about lately and thought, you know what? I'll just say hi to my family by telling them about my morning. ha. sorry, I'm sure you would rather hear about New Orleans and whatevs. today, you just get Ali's dream.

[I wrote this a few days ago, but then I decided it would be a good (terrible) idea to catch a stomach virus that has been floating around down here. I don't think I had enough strength to even look at my computer, let alone pick it up.]

so if anyone likes to interpret dreams and wants to give the recurring situation a go, I'm all ears. (;

watch: this video. it was all over the internet yesterday, so you've probably already seen it but the longer I think about it since I watched, the more and more beautiful a revelation it is to see.
read: (or look) also has been all over the internet for a bit now, but come on. this guy? he wins.
ooh and this.. got a vsco grid, yo. did that make me sound cool? whatever.

oh yeah, and see you tomorrow, Michigan!