Saturday, March 03, 2012

asking for some helps.

Last week we got an unexpected blessing from someone in Michigan. I'll keep it anonymous because I know they wouldn't want the recognition, but God's timing was impeccable (per usual). Thank you, dear friends. God has blessed us with some good ones.

I also need some more input from you, wonderfuls. I want to go on a trip this year. I'm not sure of the trip dates as of yet, but it is a trip near to my heart. And my heart says it is possible, but my brain is struggling with it. At this moment I would not be able to go anywhere far. So I am looking for some good fundraising ideas. Some of your favorite {successful} fundraising ideas. Anything you've got, leave a comment in that box down there.

Speaking of fundraising, my aunt is participating in the Heart Walk in Detroit in May. My mom is walking with her too. They'll be raising money to take a stand against heart disease. This is pretty important to my family since my mom was diagnosed with a heart condition this past year (at too young of an age, might I add.. but she is doing so well). So if you would like to donate and help my aunt and my mom raise funds for the walk, click this link here. They're pretty great, so it would be worth your while. Thank you in advance. (:

So lend me your ideas here, friends. I'm going to try to get to Romania! This year. Love you.


Lauren {a joyful journal} said...

God is good :) I'm so excited for you! It's definitely getting harder and harder to fundraise because of people's economic situations, but what people have been doing here is providing things that either people need or that are of easy giving. Clothes drives have been a big success here at school, then they sell them to a resale shop. I don't know if this would work for you, but a missions team held an auction for things that people would really want to do like sing in chapel band, go hunting with our safety officer, pull a fire alarm.. ha. Maybe that will spark some inspiration.. Try to do things that people will want. Host a couple week dance camps for kids.. $10 a person? Good Luck :)) If I don't get on the cross cultural trip I want for school, I'm planning to probably go to Romania :) we'll have to talk about it sometime!

alison + chad said...

would definitely love to talk about it. (: thanks for the ideas! that fire alarm one is really fun, ha.