Saturday, February 11, 2012

my practical valentine.

Today our little clan [sans Tina, who was at work :( ] went to the mall together. Cute, right?
Hub and I browsed JCPenny and Macy's (because we had gift cards) and picked out a valentine for each other. Really we picked our own, but it was fun to be together. He needed a belt because his recently kicked the bucket (which means free leather scraps for ali, yay!), so that's what he picked and I found myself a new scarf. We'll probably go back with the rest of the gift card money for a duvet cover we've been meaning to purchase. We thought of that just as we were getting home. Whoopsy.
{oh and those Macy's gift cards.. wedding gifts. haha. bout time.}

Also today, it was cold. Michigan people, I don't want to hear it.
I KNOW what cold really is.
But a high of 54 and lots of wind makes for a chilly Louisiana. Seeing all of the people that were out for parades and Mardi Gras celebrations.. I mean you would have thought it was going to snow, ha. They were so bundled up! It did actually feel cool here, though I didn't mind one bit. But we did have to layer up a little.. for 54 degrees. And my face felt a little wind burnt. Wow. Things have changed. (:
Just thought I'd give you something to giggle about.

Welp, I'm very behind on our photo project so here are three days worth:

february ninth: front door.
{ali's, carl's [yay, carl joined in! our participants are scattered.. :) ]}
february tenth: self portrait.
{chad's, ali's}
february eleventh: something that makes you happy.
{ali's, chad's}

I hope you're having a great weekend so far. I hear the roads have been a tad nasty up north. Drive careful, Michigan. And enjoy the beauty of the snow, even if just for a second, for me.

I know I've posted this a few times already, it's just sitting really well with me lately..
'to learn how to be grateful and happy, whether hands full or hands empty. that is a secret worth spending a life on learning.' ann voskamp.

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Thanks. Love these updates.