Wednesday, February 08, 2012

cafe du monde and other things.

We went to Cafe Du Monde for the first time today. Weird, right? Bout time.

Strolling through the French Quarter is always surprisingly reminiscent of our unexpected stay in Paris. Especially driving down Canal Street. We shared a frozen cafe au lait and beignets, and honestly thought they were a little overrated. BUT we're still glad we finally went. And it wasn't bad. Everything was good. I just think it's more about the whole experience.

I received these lovely pearls in the mail for a very special project in the works. More on that at a later date.
But the company I ordered from sent me this bird charm as a free gift and a handwritten thank you note. So nice. And funny, that they don't know anything about me or the bird nest necklaces I've sold in my shop.

He cares about the details, my friends.

Seth and Tina were hard at work on Tuesday, fixing all of our dining room table chairs. Here he is, drilling her to the chair (not really). Since we've been here, all of the seats were folding in and falling apart. So Seth cut all new wood and foam, and the four of us shopped for some on-sale fabric. They did a great job and we can all sit at the table now!

february seventh: button.
february eighth: sun.
Also, if you haven't seen my post about Stevia from a few days ago yet and would like to add your input, I'll gladly take it.
have a splendid thursday. ali

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