Sunday, February 05, 2012

feedback {greatly} appreciated.

Okay wonderfuls, I want to know your take on Stevia.
See that little comment box down there? Take full advantage of it!
Good? Bad? Happy? Sad? Favorite brands? Liquid or not? Lend me your brains.
Love yous.

speaking of sweetness..


emcbrown said...

And I like Stevia.
It does have a twang to it, but it's not as bad as the artificial sweeteners to me.

alison + chad said...

em, that's your cute baby! can you believe it?! (:

margie said...

Erin Maher usesi it. Are you "friends"?

Mandi Overholser said...

I am all for Stevia, it's all natural and 200x's sweeter than table sugar (which means you can use less). As far as liquid vs. granulated: I prefer granulated. I think it tastes better. I have found no brand that that I like better than another. Side note...for non-sugar natural sweeteners I stick with Agava. It has a mild flavor, great in coffee, baking or just on toast. And, it's equal in sweetness to sugar (so you don't have to try and figure out ratio's when baking. Hope this helps!