Friday, February 03, 2012

apartment quality time? (or.. trying not to spend too much money on a friday night.)

A conversation I never thought I'd hear in my home..
Chad: I got to drive the forklift some more at work today.
Kyle: Aw, nice dude.
Now those two and Seth are trying to guess each song that comes on while Kyle's iPod is on shuffle. And keeping track of who has the most points. One point for each correct answer.

It is a really exciting Friday night here, you guys.

Because of some unfortunate circumstances, Chad isn't working the show he thought he would be when we came back after Christmas. Sad face. (that is something to focus your prayers on..) But he is a wonderful husband and knew just what to do when things were tight.
He got a random job that he has no interest in, ha. Love this man.
We both started looking, actually. I applied to a Jewish Community Center to be a gymnastics assistant. I didn't get called but I just thought I'd give it a try, ha. I've never actually applied for anything like that so it was a leap for me for sure. The last (at least) five years have been spent in one salon or a dance studio with people I grew to be very comfortable with. Glad I at least put in the effort to something unfamiliar.
But hub's been working at a computer parts shipping company. We are believing it will just be temporary until he lands the perfect spot on the perfect film. But they like him way too much at this new job, haha. They are also pretty understanding about his situation though, so we're praying it isn't an issue when he has to leave.
So that's a mini update. Here are the next photos for our project. We usually end up taking them with our phones during times that we have not-so-great lighting, so bear with us. Also you're only seeing photos from the two of us again. Oh well.

february second: words.
february third: hands.
happy weekend. hope it's great.

'to learn how to be grateful and happy, whether hands full or hands empty. that is a secret worth spending a life on learning.' ann voskamp.

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