Saturday, March 17, 2012

I guess I'm related to horse thieves..

{the doherty hotel in clare, michigan}

Hey, all. Since it is Saint Patrick's Day, I just thought I'd share this little tid bit of information about my Irish ancestors..

It's not officially confirmed, but we've always heard that my grandfather's ancestors (on my mom's side) may have been kicked out of Ireland because they were horse thieves.

And my maiden name (it still sometimes sounds funny saying I have a maiden name), Doherty, I've heard used to be O'Doherty.. or O'Dougherty.. or something. Somewhere along the line the spelling changed a couple times with the slip of a pen, I guess. I actually have distant cousins that spell it different than we do. It's interesting how things like that just.. happen.

I'm interested in looking into our history since, clearly, I don't know enough. I find it all intriguing. Maybe next year I'll have more information on all of that.

Anyway, have a great weekend! What interesting things do you know about your family?

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karen said...

I've always heard we were "asked" to leave Ireland (because o' the thievery) and when we got to America, we dropped the O' so know one would know who we were. Ha. I may have made that all up in my head. :)