Thursday, March 22, 2012

continuation of a journey of contentment in all circumstances.

Made these today..

We have very little food at the moment. It's not that we don't have enough money for it. It's that I have a flat tire. So when I was reading this recipe from this blog that I like to follow sometimes (she has such lovely things to post, maybe you've heard of her. and her etsy shop, which is a favorite of mine), realizing I had everything to make these (and not much of anything else!), I decided to whip them up.

I've been on a journey of learning all things natural and healthy. I'm sure as I learn, I will be sharing the things we have started to change around here (ie. toothsoap.. still working on that). But when I read this recipe I got a little excited. Everything in these little balls is good for you. Healthy fat, good protien. Not to mention it is a great option for the snacker with a sweet tooth (me). I encourage you to give them a try.

So about the contentment in all circumstances. And that flat tire.

Chad has been working longer hours (oh I don't think I've mentioned his new job! okay, I will later). A few days ago I was out for a bit with Emily and Gideon and then came home; the usual. But later that night, Kyle got home and told me I had a flat tire. Bummer. It was late so Chad said he would look at it the next day.

I guess I ran over a nail. Or a screw? Whatever it is.

We tried using our little air pump to fix it and it worked, but you could also hear the air coming right back out pretty fast. And it turns out, my spare is very tricky to get out of the trunk, mostly because it's old, so every night he works on getting it out and then dinner is ready and it's not finished. I don't expect him to get it finished, he is super tired. Can't really blame him.. crazy work hours. But at the same time, we are running out of food and I haven't been able to go grocery shopping. Or take Tina to work like I told her I would. So, the other night, he got home and we were going to run to the store to pick up a few things so I could make dinner. When I went to get in the truck, the passenger seat was soaking wet. There is a leak and it has been absolutely pouring the last couple days.. some intense storms. Sooo he went without me.

As I was walking back up the stairs to go inside, after a moment of feeling bad that he had to go by himself, I started laughing to myself.The whole situation is comical really. Thank you Jesus for continuing to teach me contentment. I didn't feel like everything was terrible. Car troubles can be lame. But I know God is taking care of us. I just thought it was funny that we BOTH had car troubles at the same time and every time we try to get to the store, something else happens. I feel like it would have been really easy to get super discouraged. I think the Ali a couple of years ago, or even just a year, would have. But that night, I didn't. And the contentment just came. Like it was natural. I was so busy being grateful for my reaction, that I forgot about the somewhat crummy situation and before I knew it Chad was already back from the store.

I hope that all made sense. It's the little things that make BIG differences in your life.

{don't let the rain (or a flat tire) keep you from experiencing abundant life}

I also wanted to share this today. If I've left you with any down time. I love what she has to say in that post and what she is doing with her life.


Anonymous said...

When my car broke down unexpectedly a year and a half ago I had that same contentment feeling. I had absolutely no worries. The mechanics couldn't even figure out what was wrong. I still didn't worry that much. Turns out, God had a free car for me. I was given a car with great gas mileage that Jeff now uses to drive to work. It's when we are content with what we have when He can move and bless us.

alison + chad said...

a free car? awesome. I love that. no worries is a good way to live. (:

karen said...

How were the cookie dough treats? They sound yummy, but I have to ask how you came to already have agave nectar? I've never even heard of that. :)

You may have heard that I've been doing some experimenting in the kitchen lately (and failing 75% of the time). Trying to keep it healthy but it's hard. I'll figure this eating right thing out eventually.

Thanks for sharing your story. I may share it at life group this week if that's ok. We're talking about contentment.

alison + chad said...

that would be because my super healthy, vegetarian, gluten-free roommate Tina had it. I also owe her some more. (: so far I like it and feel much better about using it since it is a natural sweetener. even if it's just 'in my head'. you can use it in place of sugar though. I'm glad you're experimenting too! we can keep each other posted. I liked the cookie dough treats. definitely held me over for a bit in between meals. I ate a few too close to dinner last night and I couldn't finish my food, ha. you and my mom should make some!

and please do share! it is something I hope everyone can experience. it's a process.. but comes more naturally as time goes on. I do have to keep myself in check, though. (: what do they say.. 'practice makes perfect'? there's definitely something to that saying.