Monday, June 03, 2013

then.. now.

[if looks could kill..]

[over a year ago. there's an extra friend here, so really we only lived with just five other people. (; ]

we started out with lots of roommates here in New Orleans. loved it. and wouldn't trade that time for anything. I really am so thankful that we had friends who were willing to share one space with us. (if any of you are reading this.. hi! we love you!) we spent a couple of years at that apartment and were able to have the cheapest rent possible living that close to downtown, I'm pretty sure. needless to say, splitting rent four ways is fabulous for a season, especially when you're not working very much. so we were able to build our savings back up a little and this year we just felt like we were able to move somewhere on our own. we basically only lived together, just us, for a year before moving here, so the change has been fun.

so here we are. in the house! for the most part, we're unpacked. we get a little bit done everyday, it seems, but it also feels like there's a lot left to do. we have also been able to do a little bit of yard work (also going to take some time) which has been fun and something a little new for me. I even used a hedge trimmer for the first time! feeling super accomplished. almost like cutting hair. (:


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