Thursday, May 09, 2013

moving time!

this little baby U-Box finally showed up today and we can't wait to get our hands on it. Chad was working, so I didn't want to dive in just yet without him. don't you just love our rusty, little gate? ( ;

we have been running around, getting things ready for the move, feeling pretty busy and tired. but all the while waiting for what felt like months for U-Haul to do their thing. it's crazy how you can get so worn out from waiting. anyway, the next couple days will be full of lifting and arranging and hopefully lots of fun.

and when is this whole teleportation thing going to happen, am I right? sometimes it would be nice to just have our families pop in so they could see the place but not have to spend a fortune doing so.

oh, and since I've been neglecting updates, at least neglecting how often I want to, maybe I should talk about our anniversary last week! I sort of felt a little bad for not posting a lovey something or other on here for my husband. but I feel like the fact that we so enjoyed each others company the entire day is more important than some soon forgotten blog post. I'm sure you understand. but April 30th marked three years married and we can't wait for so many more! we ended the night with dinner out and our waiter just so happened to be from Michigan, so that was neat.

hope you're all enjoying your week! I'll try to be back soon to keep you all posted on the move and such.

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