Wednesday, January 04, 2012

an extra day.

We had an extra day here in Michigan today. Yesterday, we were planning on heading out this afternoon, but our car decided she wanted to stay. We had to take it to get fixed but it was just a minor problem opposed to what it could have been if we had already started our venture back to New Orleans. I wasn't really mad about the extra day we got to spend here, either. (:

I also had the pleasure of going to dance class with the sistergirls yesterday. They dance for the studio I used to teach at so it was a real treat for me. I went back later last night to visit the class I used to teach and had a much needed visit with some really wonderful people. Michigan folk, if you're looking for a place to sign up your kiddos for dance, this is a really great studio with a loving, christian foundation. They just moved to a new location and they have much more space! I highly recommend them. I miss that place, dearly, and am so grateful for being able to visit for a bit. It inspired me to look harder for a place in New Orleans that will hopefully have some laid back adult classes just so I can keep it all fresh in my head. I miss using my body that way on a weekly basis.

Well I'm off for one last hang out with a couple princesses while mommy is at work!

Have a great night. ali

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