Monday, January 30, 2012

no disrespect, mr. jackson.

Over the weekend,  we brushed up on some Marvel films. Some of you are looking forward to The Avengers. Maybe some of you aren't. I'm curious, but I hadn't seen a few of the movies that lead up to it. I'm sure there are others I'll need to be aware of but we live with a bunch of Marvel lovers and I'm sure they'll catch me up. So we 'rented' some nice blu-rays from our friend, John, and hit the couch. (John has, oooh probably, every movie. Bonus.) I got a perplexed"Have you not seen any of these movies, Ali?!" question from Kyle when we started the second one.
How unbelievable of me.
First on the list was Thor. The next day we watched Captain America.
And, okay. If you have seen the movie, you know who Red Skull is. While watching the movie, I found that I knew nothing about Captain America. He was just a test subject? Had no idea.
Anyway, the first time Red Skull reveals his new look, the first thing that came to mind was that he looked like Michael Jackson. Particularly in the nose region.
Now this is not to bash Michael Jackson. Though I did not agree with certain areas of his lifestyle, I was a fan. I'm still a fan. There are many of his songs in my library. I saw 'This Is It' in the theater. Twice. Maybe I shouldn't have told you that. But the man had talent. No shame here.
It was just the first thing I thought. And I may have missed the next few seconds of the movie because that's what I was thinking about. Don't judge me, I got the gist of the plot.
{chad made this and sent it to a co worker because they had just been talking about the famous nose earlier that day.}
No disrespect Mr. Jackson. I just still don't know what you were going for there.

Side note: On my journey to trying to love the place I live, I'm really loving opening the windows in January!
beautiful day.
happy monday. ali

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