Monday, April 14, 2014

so, mid-April, yeah? haven't written since February? slacking over here. sorry 'bout it.

since we're in the ninth month of this pregnancy, it's probably pretty clear what we've been up to and that we've been busy. I know I never finished updating you all about Michigan at Christmastime, so here it is (a short version), if anyone is even remotely interested anymore..

^when the belly and I felt so big and now I realize we were hardly big at all. (;

there was a lot of ice and below zero temps. beautiful, like I said before, though freeeeeezing. then we both stood in an absolutely beautiful wedding in Ann Arbor. the one where our good friends promised each other life long love and both thanked one another for marrying them at the end of their hand written vows (the sweetest thing). still so honored to have been a part of that day. 

then there was this blizzard on the way home from the wedding, we couldn't see any lanes on the highway, and it was so late and tired out. heavenly protection is the only way we can explain getting back safe (that, and my husband is a champ). and I don't say blizzard lightly. almost two feet of snow. that whole polar vortex and what not. so pretty the next day though!

the days following got very cold again but lastly, we decided to brave that ice and snow and drive back to New Orleans. most stressful drive adding hours to our travels (that last photo is us stopped in traffic for an hour because of an icy accident) but again, Jesus protects and he was faithful in that.

so there you have it. I'll be back tomorrow. I mean it this time.

watch: Saving Mr. Banks (I knew I'd probably like this since Mary Poppins is a favorite, but I loooved this so much! I want to buy you all a copy). // also just finished Twin Peaks. what even?!

listen: Satellite | Dave Matthews Band (mostly because my belly dances when that one plays).

read: Igniting Faith in Forty Days | Steve and Wendy Backlund // a negativity fast/positivity feast I've been doing for Lent. not necessarily succeeding every day, but it has been encouraging and motivating and is more than worth a read.

"Abundant gratefulness: a flourishing soul. Even if circumstances haven't changed, thankfulness will alter perspective from doubt to faith."

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