Friday, November 01, 2013

little one.

happy Friday, everyone.

I read this week that the little one is about the size of a pea pod (other things have said a peach) and I couldn't get over how incredible and cute that sounded. to think that there is this baby with all of it's vital organs and hair and finger nails, but only a few inches in length, just hanging out in my stomach is unbelievable. so neat.

I'm turning turning the corner in to the second trimester and as many of you have experienced, you know this is an exciting and much better feeling time. (: I'm still figuring out what it takes to make me feel better, but so far it's just to eat. and eat and eat. that's probably been the hardest adjustment because we're just not big eaters and I feel like I have to eat all day long, ha. I'm a little bit tired of food (okay, a lot tired of food), but have to keep it up every couple hours or it's bad news for Ali. so that's life for the last six or so weeks. also, this crazy sensitive nose here. the grocery store is tough. so many smells! but this week has been much better and I can tell things are looking up.

have a great weekend. I'm off to meet Chad for "lunch", because his lunch today is when you should be eating dinner and he'll be working until crazy hours of the night. this job is weird, I tell you. (;

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