Thursday, April 25, 2013

vampires anyone?

(the "moving" crew. and somehow Chad mysteriously added a foot to his height for this photo.)
I had been planning on posting some photos yesterday for a Wednesday Without Words of our time in Michigan. also planned to tell you earlier this week about an episode of The Vampire Diaries that Chad worked on and airs tonight (Thursday). neither of those happened. but it's not too late!

if you watch The Vampire Diaries (anyone? I never have.) pay close attention to this one. I guess it gives you a look at a spin-off that will be happening in the near future. you should be able to see some places in the French Quarter, so that's fun.

hope everyone is having a great week. love and miss everyone in Michigan already. stay warm. ;)
we're just waiting on our things to get here via U-Box and then we'll be on the move! it's getting pretty exciting over here.


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