Thursday, April 11, 2013


I love how gloomy and stormy it is here because I feel a little bit of justification for how slow-moving I am today. that, and I think we were deep cleaning until 7pm yesterday (at our new house AND our current apartment). we finally sat down for small group and somehow had enough left in us to watch a movie after, which kept us up very late, and I finally rolled out of bed at eleven this morning. (WHAT! lazy.) anyway, we worked really hard, so I'm trying to forget (or let go of) the fact that I slept the morning away. and let's be honest, when it's stormy here, the city is like one giant puddle, soo...

we spent Easter and the few days prior with our Taylor parents and I sort of feel like we're still recovering from the food induced coma that weekend gave us. seriously, so much eating happened. but it was lovely. and we went out to see not one, but two (!) of the movies Chad has worked on, so that was special to have his parents here for. I loved watching how proud they were of him, seeing his name on the big screen.

we also went on a walking tour/scavenger hunt of the garden district and learned a lot of new things about the city and saw a few houses that are owned by celebrities or where certain football players grew up; I won't give it away just in case you go sometime. (you can go at your own pace because the instructions are sent to your phone. we highly recommend it.) maybe next time we'll try the french quarter tour. we took them for gelato later and I tried the dark chocolate, honey, cayenne flavor.. that was delicious and also burned my throat, but I let it slide because it was so tasty.

we went on a fan boat swamp tour the next day, which was so much more enjoyable than I though it was going to be. I felt like we learned a TON and we got to be out in the sunshine on the water for a couple hours. our captain's name was BeeBop (?), and at the end he brought out this little alligator he had on the boat-the whole time-and let everyone hold him. I HELD AN ALLIGATOR, PEOPLE! never thought I'd say that. he was surprisingly cute and his name was Miller Light. yep. lots of new things for us when we have visitors.

and this week, we got our keys! a little earlier than expected, but good, since our move includes a trip to Michigan and back and it is giving us time to clean and move some things early. it's kind of like moving twice to one place. should be fun. or something.

somebody update us on what's new with you! (I've been hearing some people are unable to comment.. I'm not sure what is going on, but it's usually when trying from your phone. let me know, I'll keep trying things.)


Jeannie Doherty said...

Hi Ali!
Your uncle Tom & I had a fantastic time with your mom & dad last weekend. So glad they could come up to Alpena. We are so excited for you & Chad on your move to your first house. It looks like such a cute place & a nice area too. Have fun loading up your Pod. (for the record, I posted this from my phone) Take care, Aunt, Jeannie

Alison Taylor said...

Thank you!
I really love that they got to visit you guys! Sounds like they always have a great time. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see you sometime this year. (;