Sunday, October 28, 2012

some people look, but they don't see.

for as long as I can remember, it has bothered me that I don't look at people's eyes. I'm always looking at your face when you talk to me, but I might be looking at your mouth more than your eyes. I can't really figure it out exactly. but I can almost guarantee that if I had to tell you your eye color right now, I wouldn't know. and I don't like that so much.

the other night, while I was getting ready for bed, I noticed my eyes in the mirror and thought, 'wow my eyes are so blue today'.

yeahhh. my eyes are blue every day.

it was almost like I was seeing my own eyes for the first time. or at least for the first time in a long while. and I was a little bit bothered again that I didn't even look at my own eyes. if I don't look at mine, why would I even think to look at others?

then my thoughts took a little turn, so bear with me. our pastor talked about idolatry last weekend at church. it was a really great reminder that we all can have our own idols, not necessarily objects, and I think I can speak for most of the people there, that what he had to say made us check our hearts to see if we were putting anything above God that we hadn't really noticed.

when I look in the mirror, I clearly don't look at my eyes. I look around them.. at my crazy hair, or my skin, or what I see as flaws.

but see, if we would spend the time that we focus on our flaws, on God instead, we wouldn't even see flaws. if I am more focused on what I see wrong, than on thanking Him for things like the fact that I have a mirror, or water, and an actual toilet, isn't that a form of idolatry? maybe if I can try to only look at the eyes God purposefully gave me (and only me) when I am getting ready for bed, my "flaws" would disappear. and maybe I would start remembering other people's eye color. and maybe.. maybe. maybe I would learn something new about myself. sounds a little intimidating to be honest. but might have potential for breakthrough in an area I don't know I need it. who knows?

I'm really sorry if I don't know the color of your eyes. and please don't worry; I promise I know the color of my husband's eyes. (but I will say, one of the first things I noticed about him, after all of that curly hair, was that great smile and all of those straight teeth. so maybe teeth are just my thing. (;  )

I shared this on facebook a while back, but as I was writing this out I remembered the song. probably one of my favorite performances ever. goosebumps every time I watch. a little unrelated maybe, but just humor me and watch. love y'all.


Devin Cooper said...

That was wonderful Ali.

SweetMamaEm said...

Your eyes are as beautiful as your heart! So honored to be your friend.

Anonymous said...

Ali, I love this. I feel like you get more honest and inner-reflecting each post. It's beautiful and inspiring.

Also, I FINALLY figured out how to comment. :) It would never ever let me before.

alison + chad said...

thank you, Leslie. and glad it finally worked for you. (:

alison + chad said...

right back at you, dear friend. (: