Monday, October 08, 2012

take time to reminisce.

you know those seasons or events that impact your life unexpectedly? those things that you know are so important to how you will spend the next season. and how you try so hard to remember it all.

so hard. all of those tiny details of such a big, important thing that you never want to forget. and eventually you have to get back to life as it was before- but with a new mindset- and you're trying to figure out how to make that work. it can be overwhelming.

and sometimes you get to a place where the memories so fresh, seem to start to fade a bit. and that can be sad. in my case, I started a new season right after a huge trip across the globe. a new job, for lack of a better word. I now spend my days with a little one year old while his great parents are at work. a sweet boy who is loved so dearly by so many. and so busy he keeps me.

and while you start a whole new, fun, learning experience on its own, you struggle to keep the memories, and all that God taught you before, fresh in your mind. but life has to keep going.

please, don't get me wrong. I am not walking around all sad and sullen all of the time.. wouldn't help at all. I think, probably, if you've been on a trip like that, you kind of get what I mean. this is just where my heart is at right now. because I keep thinking about sweet little Maria and each time, that brings back the memories of the wonderful trip and the beautiful heart ache that comes with it.

so, I am thankful for photographs. thankful for the fact that I can go back and look at them to stir up the smells, tastes, sights. and how it felt to hold those precious, tiny bodies curled up in my arms and resting on my hips. or the little hands that take hold of my shirt as to say, please don't put me down yet. feelings I never want to forget.

so, so sweet. I wanted to sit and talk with them all day.
+ be back soon.

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Gram said...

How beautiful you are. xoxo