Tuesday, November 06, 2012

photos and voting and vacation, oh my.

sooo, I feel like I'm taking way too long to post these Romania photos. does anyone even care about seeing them anymore? ha. I'm sorry.

today Chad and Gideon and I voted. we didn't get stickers. little man was a champ through the whole process; I think he at least deserved a sticker. ah well. a Starbucks visit afterwards made up for it. at least it did for me. ( ;

tomorrow Chad and I head to Florida on our "manditory" family vacation. can't wait to see the Taylor clan! we're going to Disney World with the little ladies for the first time.. should make for a pretty great time. though any time with family is a pretty great time these days.

welp, I must go pack. here's some more photos. love you all.

Oktoberfest in early September.

oh hello there, reflection.



karen said...

I care, I care!

Devin Cooper said...

very cool ali.

gram said...

Of course you should keep sending pictures. How else can a grandmother keep track of her granddaughter in all of her travels. Love you a lot. xoxo