Thursday, September 20, 2012


as I settle back in to life as I knew it before Romania, I feel as though my brain is in slow motion. except a week has already passed since I came home and it has felt like a really big, fast blur. I feel like it was so long ago that I was walking the streets in the mountains of Brasov, yet the memories are so fresh and close in my heart. forgive me for not having many words to write to you before now. my present is full of reflecting and processing all that we experienced there, while I start a new season here. this is honestly the first time anything has felt worthy of writing, so bear with me. I want to share some more photos as well, although the ones I am able to post only just begin to tell a small part of the story in my heart. but meet me for tea and I'll show you the beauties in the hospital and the village and tell you all about the stunning little girl that forever holds a piece of my heart.

note: I know, I realize tea isn't possible for many of you.. an email will do just fine if you'd like to hear more. (: so any questions, ask away! or a visit is always welcome here. I'll even pay for your drink!

I love you all and am so, so grateful for your time spent in prayer for my safety and all of the donations you so graciously gave to make this trip possible. my heart was impacted in a life changing way that I am still learning and trying to fully grasp; even the second time around! and that in part, is because of your love and generosity.

mulțumesc. ești frumoasă. te iubesc. (thank you. you're beautiful. I love you.)

+ to be continued..

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Gram said...

My heart tugs for your visit to Romania. There is so much I would like to know. My former experience with Romania makes me a little wary. I almost lost a daughter after her trip there. I was so scared. God pulled us all through and when I heard you were going again I was really quite frightened. You have a heart for this mission and I applaud you for that. I would love to hear more and see more pictures. It would surely east my mind and my heart. I love you Alison Kristine Doherty Taylor with all my heart. You are very special. xoxo