Friday, September 07, 2012

buna ziua again.

bebeluşii. [bay-bay-loosh] (babies)

lots and lots of babies!

we have a shift at the hospital everyday, which is about three hours, and either view new parts of the city or meet with the teens from a Roma village during the other half of the day. all of which pull at my heart more than expected each time I am here.. the culture surrounding us, the little eyes that stare into mine, and the lifestyle the teenagers live-still with joy on their faces. if it wasn't so far from our families, I think I would be trying to convince my husband to move. you can shoot movies in Romania, right? right?

anyway, Erin and I were discussing how hard it is to write about our time here. so much can happen, but we find ourselves sitting at the table staring at a blank screen for a very long time. so maybe I'll figure out a way to write more soon, but for now I will just show you a photo of an egg. they come with feathers here.

not what you were wanting to see? sorry. here's something else to hopefully tide you over.


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Gram said...

Glad to see your smiling face. That tugs at my heart. Be safe!