Thursday, October 01, 2015


she carried her laundry basket from her room all the way into the kitchen and wanted to get in. we've never done that before. she's hilarious. 

I've seen people share some cute things their kids have said, so I thought it would be fun to share some of Norah's latest adventures in using her words. she's not asking all of those funny questions yet, but certain things do make us laugh coming from such a little person. aside from her mumbling baby talk, which is equally hilarious. and of course, "no no" is a favorite. oy. 

she started actually saying all done while she signs it the other day. she's known the sign for a long time but now she will actually say it. mostly if I have the blender or my clairsonic out, haha. we're a little sensitive..

she has the longest list of words. I couldn't tell you how many, but I'd really like to take a few moments to jot them all down sometime. I told Chad the other day that I wish there was a camera on her constantly because there are so many cute things she'll say or do. he agreed, but then said, "at least we get to experience them." wise man.

here are just a few fun things Norah is saying..

she's always asking where something went, but it sounds like, "where dog go?"  we can usually figure out what she's talking about most of the time.

but now she will ask, "where mama?" or "where dada?" so that's cute.

"yes." (clear as day and in the right context. which for some reason has been blowing my mind.)

"sih wap?" when she wants to sit on your lap. 

"gah yit!" (got it.. one million times until we realize what she is trying to do)

and her favorite this week is this guy. 

"way da beeuh?" (where's the bear?) he's usually right under her nose.

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