Thursday, November 06, 2014

six months.

yesterday marked six months of Norah's life. I willingly left her in her crib all night for the first time. She was probably ready a while ago, but if I'm being completely honest, it made me too anxious and she slept fine in our room and what's the point of rushing that. Now I'm less anxious and I just felt like we were ready (and also, she's getting too long for her rock-and-play). 

I've been a mom for six months! and doing so over one thousand miles from family. I just felt like I needed a part or something. so I took her shopping for a new teether. I know she doesn't know any different, but I think half a year is worth celebrating. I also bought myself some dark chocolate, so there's my party I guess. I know. I'm so fancy.

truth is, though, that every mom with a child at any age is worth celebrating. I'm not special because we don't have family close. but please, I beg of you, don't take that for granted, people. facetime is incredible, but real facetime, you can't compare.

I just really felt like I should soak up the day yesterday; this week even. all of the moments.

I'll be honest again and say it's not easy and it's lonely and maybe those aren't the moments I think I want to soak up sometimes. but I'll be glad I did and I'm so  grateful to have this little beauty to do life with us and that I'm the one she'll call mama. that alone is really so special and worth celebrating everyday.

she really is one of the happiest babies and that makes me feel like I'm doing at least some things right.


margie said...


margie said...

you are doing everything right.
i so so love and miss you beyond words my beautiful graceful daughter.