Tuesday, November 25, 2014

getting creative.

many of you might remember my little Etsy shop I had a while back. it's been "on vacation" for a bit, for obvious reasons. but I've recently felt the itch to be creative again. maybe I'm finally getting the hang of being a mom and an Ali at the same time (probably not). I'm a work in progress. (; anyway, I've been putting together some things with all of my leftover materials and have decided to sell it all!

being an artist is such a vulnerable thing and comes with many insecurities. if you let it, it can be really fulfilling as well. but the creative burst seemed to "come out of nowhere" and I just felt like I needed to do something with all of my leftover material. so when I had some visions of what I could do with it all, my hands got to work at any small break I had during the day. or late at night, ha.

so Southwood Drive is in the coming again soon stages and I hope you'll like what you see. I will open the shop Friday morning. keep an eye out for a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and maybe a drawing for free shipping on top of that. perfect timing for Christmas gifts for the lovely ladies in your life. everything must go!

here's just a few things that will be up for sale. happy tuesday!



Lauren Faye Kasten said...

Love indeed!!

margie said...

oh what fun...can't wait to see this lovely product in person!