Tuesday, July 15, 2014

kindness of strangers.

I was told, the other day, that I won't break my kids. he could probably see the newness and a little bit of fear in me being out in the world. the sauna that is New Orleans. after hearing Norah is our first, he could remember how that felt for him and he said, "don't worry, you're not going to break her. just love her and be there for her and she'll be alright."

and I thought, what a nice and encouraging thing for a stranger to say. he didn't tell me the normal; how fast it goes or how it only gets harder. he didn't say, she's good now, but just wait until she can talk. or don't blink, she'll be eighteen tomorrow. or enjoy it while you can.

no. just love her. 

so mommas and dads, those beautiful babes of yours, just love 'em.

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