Thursday, December 12, 2013

it's so funny to me that these are December photos. also funny that I can see my belly in photos of my feet now. this baby is done hiding. (;

in just a few short days, we'll get to see this little dancing one up on a screen. last time was such an amazing experience, I can't even imagine how much more amazing this time will be. we will be finding out the gender, but not at the appointment and actually, not until we get to Michigan with our families. so just hold your horses.

I'm mostly writing today to ask you all for some reader participation about Advent.
what does it mean to you? do you celebrate? and if so, what does that look like?
anyone do something daily in December? is it with your kids? or just your spouse or by yourself? or just at church?
do you have any favorite books you like to read about the real story and meaning of Christmas? you know, other than the Bible. I definitely have that one.
let me know!


margie said...

Ann V has some great stuff!
You Version, too!
Can't wait to see you!

Christy Anderson said...

When I was younger, my family had an advent wreath. Every Sunday night we would eat dinner as a family, read that week's verse on the advent wreath, light the corresponding candle and my parents would talk to us about what it meant. Those are pretty neat memories.