Thursday, March 07, 2013


we've been entertaining the idea of renting a house when our lease is up in a few months, even though it has been SO nice having fun roommates and cheap rent. Chad hasn't been working for a few weeks so he has had time to be looking online. when I have some free time, or on the weekends, we'll drive around to see the houses he finds and check out the area that they're in.

in New Orleans you'll be driving in a nice neighborhood and all of the sudden it will change to not-so-nice. so we try to check the area out before deciding if we're really into the house. we want to feel safe without completely living in a safe bubble type area, if that makes any sense, and we've liked being closer to the city so far, so we're trying to find something close. it's kind of like a second job, ha.

anyway, we went to look at one of the said houses, started walking around the block and were stopped by some film school students asking if we'd like to be extras. kind of funny, considering Chad's job. he tried not to give that away though. [also, a few months ago, Chad, Gideon and I were asked to be in a commercial that has been airing on local channels down here. I've been trying to find it online with no luck so far, so hopefully sometime I can show you our two seconds of fame. we're basically celebrities.. (; ]

later that day, we met with a couple of guys that Chad had worked with on The Last Exorcism Part II to see it on the big screen. neither of us slept well that night, ha. BUT, it was realllly neat to see Chad's name up there for the first time! so to spare you a sleepless night, I just thought I would share that photo with you if you don't want to go. (: so proud of that man.

and this is what we did today on my day off..

basically.. we just ate food. (; explored the city a bit too. (see: city greens. nola beans.)

and here are a few of my iPhone photos and instagrams as of late.



-dad said...

Dang, I knew I shoulda got your autograph when you were a kid!

karen said...

Oh, how exciting!

margie said...

i really really enjoy reading your blog (more please)
i'm very proud of you both
i probably wont see that fabulous movie, so thanks
you've been doing lots of cool stuff i had no idea about
i love and miss you both
...i envy your adventurous life