Monday, February 18, 2013


well hi there.

just thought I'd throw out a little hello and let you know what we have been up to. which is not much. but a lot at the same time. you know, those times.

this little guy (check out those eyeballs. gosh.) recently lost his grandmother. while he isn't fully aware of what is happening around him, it has made me realize new kind of love. I have wanted to cuddle a little more, hug a little tighter, and play a little longer. he is teaching me lots and he's not even two. (: so my last couple of weeks have been lots of all of that and just trying to be there for his parents as much as possible. [he also turned two on Valentine's Day. happy birthday, buddy!]

I've been going through a little bit of a 'heavy' season. maybe some of you can relate. as I process it more, I can see lots of little areas that have played into it, though at first it wasn't something I could really figure out. but Chad's mom lead me to a sermon by Kris Vallotton. it was about hope and how it is something that is so important to have. hope is necessary. hope was something spoken over us by a friend in Michigan around Christmastime and to be honest, I haven't really felt it. I haven't felt hopeless, though not super hopeful because I felt heavy, but wasn't sure why. I feel that even just the reminder of hope has lifted a lot from my shoulders. and I tell you this not to worry you, but I'd love it if in some way it spreads hope to others.

hope deferred makes the heart sick. proverbs 13:12. hope is necessary.

'but faith can look at the trouble and still hold on to the promise.. faith sees, hope feels.' remember hope!

a few other things that have been going on down here..
a couple of weekends ago was Super Bowl Sunday, which I know you are all aware. we found the game online and were able to see our apartment in an aerial shot during a commercial break. we could also see the dark Superdome from our balcony when the power went out, so that was fun.. we didn't go out into the craziness really. we figured this whole month kicks off lots of festivals and parades that we probably won't be able to avoid, so we just stayed in. there is so much happening with Mardis Gras and more, which is so funny to me because we are not big festival people but we live in NEW ORLEANS.
(I also learned that Mardi Gras can play into the heaviness I feel.. what was intended for celebration has changed into something a little more evil in some areas of the city and even if we stay inside, it's here. so pray for us and our friends and this city.)

oh, and if you happen to like Sylvester Stallone and find yourself in the theater watching Bullet To The Head, keep in mind Chad worked on it in 2011. he was the camera PA so he probably wont be in the credits, but feel free to look. it's probably not a very light, happy film, so our feelings won't be too hurt if you don't see it. (:

listen: Song of Solomon | Jesus Culture (with Martin Smith)
watch: Hope: The Divine X-Factor | Kris Vallotton


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Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you in this season, friend. And I very much need to watch that Kris message.