Tuesday, June 26, 2012

black bean tacos and ballerinas.

okay, I normally don't do food posts.. it feels like everyone has a "right" way to do things and conversations can get way too opinionated sometimes. nothing like being bullied into eating healthier. no need for that. but on our journey of eating a little bit better (we're making a big effort, for us), I'm finding some delicious recipes from some healthy eaters in the internet world.

we made these tacos tonight and they were delish. we didn't use the optional mayonaise and it was great just that way. super quick and easy to throw together and made a good amount for us with just a tiny bit left over (so-side note-if you're making this for more than two, maybe double the recipe).

we cut back on our meat intake just a bit. but I'm just going to say this.. I like chicken. and my man loves steak. so we're comfortable with eating alllll of the the things God has given us, in moderation. but I'm also loving finding other ways to get protein as well. (quinoa, anyone?) so there's that.

I wish I had a photo of the tacos for you, but the ones with the recipe are great, so just look at those. or you can just look at this, which has nothing to do with food, for a minute. even better.

have a wonderful night, everyone. I'll be around soon for some thoughts on faithfulness, hopefully.

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