Sunday, June 10, 2012

daydreamer in michigan.

this is the sweetest thing ever. so beautiful. can't wait to be a mom.

don't get excited, it's not happening right now. just daydreaming of that someday happiness.

then I had a Dove dark chocolate from my gram's house and the wrapper said, 'daydreaming is free'. appropriate.

twenty-five sounds weird. but today, that's what I am. so I'm just going to go daydream some more. have a lovely night, wonderful people.


margie said...

I'm daydreaming too!

Lauren {a joyful journal} said...

happy birthday ali!! I wish I could have made it to the dance recital to see those little cuties. What a special time for you to come home!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

alison + chad said...

such a special time. thank you, Lauren!