Tuesday, April 24, 2012

tuesday trivia.

The Beatles made Billboard history this month in 1964 by occupying the top FIVE spots on the Billboard Hot 100 charts!

Beatles Hot 100 Singles on April 4, 1964:
#1 Can’t Buy Me Love
#2 Twist and Shout
#3 She Loves You
#4 I Want To Hold Your Hand
#5 Please Please Me

Not only did they accomplish that never before or never-since feat, they had seven more songs in the top 100!

The seven other songs and chart positions:
#31 I Saw Her Standing There
#41 From Me to You
#46 Do You Want To Know A Secret
#58 All My Loving
#65 You Can’t Do That
#68 Roll Over Beethoven
#79 Thank You Girl

In the following weeks the number of hits on the chart would expand from 12 to 14!
At the time they also held the top two albums in the U.S., the top single in the U.K. and the number one and three albums in the U.K.

Not bad for being in the U.S. for little over 2 months..!

I (ali) also wanted to share this.. anyone else enjoying Paul McCartney's new music video?

happy tuesday, y'all.

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karen said...

Wow. That's pretty amazing!

Interesting video. Not sure I get it, but that's probably because I'm old :)