Saturday, September 19, 2015


today marks my favorite's thirtieth birthday. I couldn't even begin to have the right words to describe how great this man is. I'm really excited his birthday falls on a weekend this year. we are really excited to spoil him all weekend! his parents and sister surprised him at our door last night.. hopefully he's not too mad about me keeping that a surprise. he had no idea!

I am so thankful for this man. his strength and wisdom have given my life so much security and hope in all of the good and the hard times. he is so patient with me (seriously, I love you so much for that!), which makes for a great husband and father. to have spent the last decade with him is such an honor and we are proud to call him ours.

it may sound strange, but I'm thankful for the years before we met as well. where he was shaped and molded into the great man, partner, husband, and father he is today. and while thirty is 'just a number', I think he is going to wear it well.

he sure is a catch.

we love you so much, Chad. happy birthday!

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