Thursday, June 04, 2015

norah on set.

last week we were staying in a small town a couple of hours away. Chad has been working out of town some for this show, so Norah and I went to stay with him. it's hard to resist a free hotel stay. though we usually screw up any kind of schedule we've finally made in the process, so it's give and take. always worth it for us to all be together though! she's only one once!

one of those days we went to see him on set. I wish I had taken this photo from a slightly different angle so you could see their twinning eyes while squinting in the sun. she's a Taylor, no doubts about it. but Norah got to see a certain big shot actor doing his acting thing (I was really more excited about that than her, obviously), and an even bigger big shot (daddy) doing his thing. it was fun. and hot. I don't know how they stand outside all day in this heat. so we went to the camera truck and this is her claiming it as her own.

it was a nice day and made me forget about getting pulled over for the first time ever earlier in the day. ): I wasn't speeding, or doing anything wrong for that matter, I just didn't have a break tag stuck to my windshield. the rules for owning a car here are so silly. ah well. 

I have a hard time with Chad's job hours a lot of the time, but this day was a good reminder that it will be fun to take her to visit him as she grows. a neat experience for her.

hope you're all having a great Thursday! it is Thursday right? I never know anymore. (;

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