Wednesday, January 07, 2015

eight months.

this is a little glimpse of Norah right now.

she's got five teeth and one working its way through. though it's probably more like ten that I just don't know about, because she's apparently going for the gold medal in teething. | she hasn't been interested in food, really (I'll take any encouragement in that area). we did try carrots the last two days though, and she's kind of into it. carrots win! actually, breast milk always wins, but that's okay with me! | somewhere around nineteen pounds. | she's been sitting up like a pro for a couple of months now, which made her start to protest tummy-time because, who wants to do that when you can sit up, I guess? | scooting backwards (and spinning in circles) when she does decide tummy-time is okay. I think she'd run, if she could. | she started saying, 'ooh' right before we left for Michigan.. cutest thing. I wish you could all hear it. | she's also babbling and teaching herself to scream a lot and says, 'mama' when she wants to be picked up (oh, my heart). | she just started mimicking a cough or laugh and we'll go back and forth for a minute. she thinks that's pretty funny. | already knows what to do when I say, 'hi-five!' and hold up my hand. she's fun. | still likes napping on me the best. | she has lots of blonde, fuzzy hair coming in and looks a bit like Jack Nicholson (see here) in the bath or after a good, long nap in her car seat. | I think her favorite toy right now is paper or cardboard, which is unfortunate for her books, but made for a fun Christmas. | she's really fond, and probably most content, when we read or sing to her. the ABC song is her jam.

one of the sweetest things.. since we've been back from Michigan, when Chad gets home she lets out a little shout. I think she loved having extra time with him while he was off for Christmas and now gets so excited to see him when he gets home from work.


margie said...

Oh my heart, too!
Love this.
Love you.

Lauren Faye Kasten said...

So sweet-she sounds like a new person! Can't wait to spend time with ya'll again. (Also love the Nicholson look) 😜