Sunday, August 19, 2012

treat yourself well.

alright, I'm going to try to get on here as much as I can before the big trip. try, I said. no promises.

but this coming Friday, Chad and I head to Michigan via air for the week [yay!]. I'm doing hair for a much anticipated wedding on Saturday and then we'll get to spend lots of time with our wonderful families which is wayy long overdue. hopefully I still have my formal styling skills.. (; it's been a while. THEN on August 30th, I head to Romania! I can't even believe it is almost here already.

for now, I just wanted to share my most recent kitchen favorites. maybe this is old news for you guys, but anyone else just learning of all the the benefits of turmeric? my goodness it is so good for so many things. and I don't feel like it has a strong flavor so I can sneak it in lots of different dinners. (: I'll let you do your own research but next on my list is this recipe [the top ten reasons to incorporate it into your diet are listed there also]. at least have to try it. with almond milk of course. which is my other new favorite..

I recently decided to cut most dairy [not all, because really, I like the occasional ice cream just too much] out of my diet for a few health issues. nothing to be concerned about really, it just happened by process of elimination. so almond milk has been a great replacement. I really didn't use milk a ton, but it is in a lot more than I realize. and I found a dark chocolate almond milk at the store one day.. too yummy. yeesh.

[remember to]

one more thing. I know this post is all over the place, sorry.

as I prepare for our trip to Michigan and Romania, I just wanted to hear what your favorite packing tips and tricks are. I know so many of you are creative and organized, so lend me your favorites in that big empty comment box down there! [side note: you don't have to have a blog to comment. so I want to hear from lots of you!]

hope you all had a great weekend. and hopefully you got to do lots of this..



Ct said...

My approach to packing is simple: fit in some essentials, and partition the rest as "Ali Overflow". Also, I always come back with more than I left with, so I try to leave a little room for expansion.

margie said...

Dad rolls his tshirts. Not sure if it actually saves room.

alison + chad said...


Gram said...

In all of my travels (ha) I have never learned any packing secrets. I have been told not to pack too much, but I don't know what would be too much for Romania. Sometimes you have to spend more time over there than you want to, but that's another story. TV says you should get those bags you can put a lot in and vacuum the air out, but it's a little late for that. Looking forward to your coming home. Maybe you could use Lorianne's suggestion for a hair do for the bride. xoxo

karen said...

If you look at something and you say, "I should take this just in case I need it", you probably won't need it, no matter how practical it may seem. But, if you look at something and God says, "You should take that in case someone else needs it", you'll probably regret not taking it.

Rolling is supposed to save room. I think it's true, though I've never actually done it. Try it and report back here :)

Don't fold individually. I'm not sure why this works, but if you fold, say, 3 shirts together, they don't wrinkle as much as folding each one individually. It defies the logical part of my brain but it works. So much for logic.

alison + chad said...

some goooood tips. (: I rolled everything.