Monday, July 09, 2012

an update of sorts.

tip: if you're living in New Orleans and currently driving around with a cracked windshield and you haven't bought your brake tags, expect to get a ticket. also, expect to pay something like 300$ for said combination of violations. yeah..

question: what are brake tags and why don't they tell you to get them when you register your car in Louisiana for the first time? and why is it that we have become such a dishonest people that if we asked a police officer that question, he wouldn't believe that we didn't know about brake tags?

that being said, we are both officially Louisiana residents with Louisiana registered cars and Louisiana licenses. never did I think I'd be speaking those words. so there's that.

in other news. the sky has looked a lot like this for a bit every day. I'm kind of enjoying it. weird? maybe. but that's okay.

this is what we did on independence day..

I saw a flicker of a firework on the way to the theater and we heard the finale of a firework display over the movie at one point, ha. Chad was working on a music video all day so this was our night. a really fun movie though, if you were interested at all. at least we were together.. I couldn't say that last year. maybe next year we'll make some holiday celebration plans. I did wear a navy and white dress with a red bracelet to the supermarket earlier in the day, so I tried a little.

Chad joined the union last month and he has been working almost consistently since. joining the union means he has a higher rank on set and he is working his way to having insurance. hooray! we have never had insurance together so it will be nice. it also means we have to pay the union a lot of money though. but everything has been working out nicely (thank you, Jesus). I am so proud of him. such a hard worker.

have a great week. we'll be wrapping up the fruit of the spirit series in the next few days, so I'll talk at you again soon.


margie said...

I love reading your blog. Thanks for posting this. I guess you're really living there now! What are break tags???

alison + chad said...

ohh I meant 'brake'. but you go to this gas station, a woman checks all of your lights (like they do when you get an oil change), and you pay 25$. every year.

Gram said...

My computer has been acting up and giving me meliscious software and accessed file is infected (threat was blocked). Anyway, Love your blogs and wish I had something great to write, but I don't. Keep them coming. By the way, Gordy has resigned from the praise team. Got a promotion which takes him out of town a lot. Jim and Tommy will keep it going until they find someone. Will talk to pastor Monday afternoon and find out if they will pay anything. Is it ok to put this here. Maybe I should have emailed you. xoxo